Celebration of Life Planning

Whether for yourself or a loved one, we created this service to help you plan an end-of-life event that is wholly reflective of the person being honored, with the added benefit of our team’s years of insight and expertise.

Together, we’ll help make sure you or your loved one’s legacy is preserved, seen, and reflected.

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Plant Memorial Trees as a Living Tribute

Memorial trees are a unique, environmentally conscious way to honor the memory of your loved one. Planting a memorial tree creates a living tribute that provides lasting benefits to present and future generations.

We currently offer memorial trees in regions in need throughout the US and Canada. With each order, you will receive a beautiful e-certificate that certifies your tree planting. Once your tree is planted, you will be contacted with important details including GPS coordinates of tree planting location and a photograph.

Memorial trees contribute to healthy forests which clean our air, purify the water we drink, and sustain critical habitats needed for wildlife. Planting a memorial tree in honor of your loved one is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Personalized End-of-Life Event Planning


“The whole process was handled beautifully by the Keeper team. We provided the content and she ensured that it all went together flawlessly. We are more than pleased with the way the Keeper Team helped us honor my sister and get through a difficult time.”



“We cannot thank Rian and the entire Keeper team enough for pulling together such a beautiful celebration of life for our father. A weight has been lifted from our shoulders knowing that he was celebrated in a way that would have delighted him”



“The Keeper team did a phenomenal job to plan a wonderful Celebration of Life to honor the memory of my Mom. There have been so many marvelous reviews from our relatives and friends who attended the event and we all appreciate the opportunity to celebrate my Mom’s life so well. Thank you!”


How We Help

Expert Consultation

With over a decade of industry experience, our experts have planned hundreds of memorials, celebrations of life, and other end-of-life events for a variety of people and needs.

We’ll help you translate last wishes into actionable event plans, answer questions about the event planning process, and offer guidance based on our years of deathcare knowledge. Our planning services include two hour-long sessions to help make sure we capture every detail, plus a half-hour final review session.

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Personalized End-of-Life Event Plans

Based on our conversations, we’ll craft a personalized, structured event plan to give you and your loved ones the tools to honor or celebrate a legacy as you see fit, in whatever environment you choose.

We’ll work closely with you to complete this document and capture any requests necessary to make sure your event is reflective of its honoree.

Customized Digital Memorial Page

As we help plan your event, we’ll also create a customized digital memorial page on Keeper.

Our digital memorial pages make a great companion to any end-of-life event, whether they’re displayed on a tablet in-person for guests to browse during the event or as an archive for treasured memories.

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What is included in Celebration of Life Planning?

We created this service to help you plan an end-of-life event that is wholly reflective of the person being honored, with the added benefit of our team’s years of insight and expertise.

Step-by-step end-of-life event plan personalized for you

Two (2) Planning Sessions with our team (1 hour each)

One (1) Keeper Digital Memorial Page

One (1) Final Review with our team (30 mins)

FAQ for Celebration of Life Planning Services

What is Celebration of Life Planning?

Celebration of Life planning is a service Keeper offers that helps individuals plan for an end-of-life event in the near future, either for themselves or for a loved one. Memorial service planning is not end-of-life planning, and does not include final directives, will planning, or other preplanning tasks.

What is included in Celebration of Life Planning?

Our memorial service planning includes expert consultation, personalized end-of-life event plans, and a customized digital memorial page hosted on Keeper.

Who can consider Celebration of Life Planning?

Anyone who is in need of an end-of-life event in the near future — and wants that end-of-life event to be fully reflective of their or their loved one’s legacy — can consider our memorial planning services. Our clients include individuals who are planning their own end-of-life event and individuals planning end-of-life events for loved ones.

Why choose Celebration of Life Planning?

By leaving planning to the experts, memorial service planning can relieve stress during a time of heightened emotions and responsibilities. It can also help create time for what’s important by removing additional tasks from your plate. If it is important that a loved one or community leader facilitates your end-of-life event, planning-only services can ensure clear communication and follow-through on last wishes. Planning-only services can also reduce overall end-of-life costs.

What types of memorial services are eligible for planning?

In the past, we have planned memorials, celebrations of life, and other services. Within those events, we’ve included time for requests like eulogies, readings, slideshows, memorial activities such as gardening or cocktail classes, and more. However you’d like to honor or preserve a legacy, we’ll help you do it.

How much does Celebration of Life planning cost?

For the planning service — which includes two planning sessions with our experts, a customized event plan, and a customized Keeper memorial page — the price is $675 before tax.

Because our mission is to offer accessible services to our community, we also offer sliding scale rates to make our planning services more affordable to those based on annual household income. For more information please email events@mykeeper.com.

Do you offer memorial service facilitation?

Yes! Keeper has been facilitating virtual and hybrid memorial events for over a decade, and we’d be happy to help plan and facilitate yours.

Learn more about our Virtual Memorial Services at https://www.mykeeper.com/virtual-funeral-services/

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Our Tools, Your Voice

These planning services were born out of a real need we saw as deathcare professionals to better serve people across identities and priorities.

Informed by our decades of facilitation and driven by our mission to keep memories alive for all, we offer these services as a way to reduce worry and responsibility while helping individuals preserve their autonomy and be remembered as they are.

Looking for facilitation?

We’re here to keep memories alive, from full-service event facilitation to empowering individuals to facilitate their own. If self-facilitation doesn’t sound like the right fit, we have over a decade of combined experience conducting virtual and hybrid memorials, celebrations of life, and more — and we’d be honored to help conduct an end-of-life event for your community as well.

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