Celebrate Your Loved One’s Memory With A Memorial Slideshow

With the passing of a loved one, many find comfort in celebrating the legacy they have left behind.

At Keeper, our expert facilitators will work with you to create a memorial slideshow that shows the impact your loved one had on the world through a unique and heartfelt collection of videos, photos and documents. Create and share a slideshow your family will treasure.

Plant Memorial Trees as a Living Tribute

Memorial trees are a unique, environmentally conscious way to honor the memory of your loved one. Planting a memorial tree creates a living tribute that provides lasting benefits to present and future generations.

We currently offer memorial trees in regions in need throughout the US and Canada. With each order, you will receive a beautiful e-certificate that certifies your tree planting. Once your tree is planted, you will be contacted with important details including GPS coordinates of tree planting location and a photograph.

Memorial trees contribute to healthy forests which clean our air, purify the water we drink, and sustain critical habitats needed for wildlife. Planting a memorial tree in honor of your loved one is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

How Does It Work?


Step 1: Upload photos and video clips

After purchase, we’ll send you a personalized link to easily upload up to 250 photos and short videos.


Step 2: Chat with us

We’ll reach out to you to discuss details and requests to make your slideshow as customized as possible.


Step 3: Delivery

Expect a first draft of your personalized slideshow to be delivered in approximately 3-5 days

Make Your Tribute Special

A beautiful addition to funerals, celebrations of life, legacy events, memorial gifts, and everyday remembrance of your loved one.

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What is a memorial slideshow?

A memorial slideshow is a collection of photos of a deceased loved one or pet arranged in a slideshow format. However, memorial slideshows are usually presented via video, so that it can advance from slide to slide automatically.

What should a memorial slideshow include?

Memorial slideshows should include your favorite photos of your loved one! Professional portraits, silly selfies, and everything in-between are welcome. To best tell your loved one’s story, we recommend using a good variety of photos from different events and time periods.

How long should a memorial slideshow be?

We create our memorial slideshows from 150 to 250 of your photos, which averages out to a 12-minute long video. Videos can be shorter or longer depending on how many photos you submit and other requests.

Where is a memorial slideshow typically used?

As the name suggests, memorial slideshows are most commonly seen at end-of-life events such as funerals and celebration-of-life services. Memorial slideshows are also used at commemorations, legacy events, or during holidays like Veterans Day. Additionally, they are wonderful gifts for yourself or others as a beautiful and unique way to remember loved ones. Our memorial slideshows are digital, and are easily saved to a hard drive or virtual drive, which makes them easy to share and revisit at any time — forever.

What is the turnaround for a memorial slideshow by Keeper?

At Keeper, our average total turnaround time for memorial slideshows is within one week of receiving the materials. We usually provide a first draft within 2 to 3 days of receiving the materials.

However, we do experience some seasonal volume that may impact delivery. We’ll provide an individual delivery time for your memorial slideshow after your purchase.

How many edits can I make after I receive my memorial slideshow?

Our facilitators will reach out shortly after your purchase to gather any details to help us get your memorial slideshow right the first time. That said: we want you to be happy with your memorial slideshow, so we offer two (2) rounds of revision after initial delivery.

Have more Questions? Email us at events@mykeeper.com and our team will reply back promptly.

Memorial Slideshows

We edit your media together using a variety of layouts, meaningful imagery, and more to create a beautiful and heartfelt experience

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